Like is not a Brains on Fire word.

Joy Hiller, our last super shiny talented intern, did this little gift of art for me before she left last week.

If you want people to fall in love with your organization you have to stand for something.

And taking a strong stand means most likely someone on the planet won’t like that strong stand. They might even hate you for it.

But guess what? That’s a really good thing.

See. People don’t talk about things they like.

People don’t get passionate about things they like.

People talk passionately about things they LOVE (or hate).

And it’s that passion that tips conversation to advocacy.

Think about it. Organizations that just go through the motions and want everyone to “like” them never have a hope of creating true advocates.

So. What do you STAND for? What wrong do you right? What wakes you up at night?

Notice how I didn’t ask you how many facebook “likes” you have.

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