Meet a bike that is creating positive change in the world.

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I love the start of things. These are rings from the very first hexagon frame post that Lance made two years ago.

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And that idea created this bike! Don’t you love it?

A couple of years back I posted about about my time in Greensboro, Alabama with Project M. If you haven’t heard about Project M, check it out.

A group in Greensboro (including my good friend John Bielenberg) have been working on a bike made with Alabama bamboo for some time now. While I was there with Project M, Lance Rake, an industrial design professor with University of Kansas came up with the idea of hexagon shaped bamboo strips.

Stronger. More consistent. Easier to produce. And cooler looking, in my humble opinion.

Well, the bikes are really in production now and they’re in the midst a kickstarter campaign.

There’s 13 more days to go.

This FastCoDesign article talks about the project in more depth. Worth a read! And this one from Core77 is written by Lance!

Can you help share and spread the word?

I so love the town and the people of Greensboro and really believe this kind of work is a powerful example of what makes this world of ours (and the people in it) so freaking amazing.

Watch the video, buy a bike, make a donations or just spread the word! Let’s help them reach their goal!

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