Calling Me Home

As the launch date for the second Brains on Fire book The Passion Conversation is now in sight (September, what!), I’m getting excited. And it’s not for the typical reasons of book sales or company promotion or the like.

It’s much more selfish than that.

I know that without the first BOF book, I wouldn’t be here.

I mean, as a Greenville native, I’d known about BOF and the work they’d done for years. Admired from afar.

But it wasn’t until I read the first book and was like, “YES YES YES!” that it compelled me to reach out. I don’t even remember what the job opening was. I emailed Robbin and told her I’d do whatever.

The words just resonated like a homing beacon, showing me the way to my people.

So I’m excited. I’m excited wondering WHO the next book will call home to us.


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