Want to be one of the first to read The Passion Conversation?

Our second book, The Passion Conversation will hit bookshelves in just eight short weeks.

Yup. Septmember 3rd to be exact!

The Passion Conversation is rooted in the belief that it is absolutely possible (you might even say absolutely critical) to fall madly and passionately in love with the people you serve. And for them to fall in love with you. And yes, for you to become famous and grow your business because of that love.

Our new book is full of real stories of real people and organizations whose lives have been forever connected… and forever changed.

We have come to believe at Brains on Fire that we’re not in the marketing business any more.


We’re in the business of helping our clients create lasting, meaningful and real connections with the people they serve.

We are in the PEOPLE business now.

So this is not a book about twitter friends or facebook likes or pinterest strategies. Just like our first book, Brains on Fire, this book is about people.

Incredible people like Tameria, Dave, Pam, Sean, Colin, Josh and Marcus. Just for starters.

We seriously CANNOT wait for you to meet them.

We’ve also studied, compiled and shared some smart academic research about WHY people talk. It’s really good stuff that anyone interested in sparking conversations and igniting community needs to embrace and understand.

This next book will also go a bit deeper by giving you ways to bring the lessons you’ll learn to your own businesses and organizations with 12 Exercises called Passion Explorations.

Three years ago we shared the first preview copies of Brains on Firewith you on this blog.

So we decided to do that again with this book.

We have 10 “not quite final, semi proofed collectors edition” copies waiting for ten of you. Each one will be signed by all of us.

Want to get your hands on one?

Just hit comment and tell us about a brand, cause or organization you have fallen in love with, a brand that makes you feel loved and how that love has inspired you to talk and led to meaningful and lasting conversations. We’ll randomly (or thoughtfully) pick our top ten. Then (after those winners give Mary Susan their address) we’ll ship ten personalized copies off to their new owners and their new homes.

We do hope you’ll take extra good care of them. Maybe even send us photos from time to time.

So. You ready? We’re listening. And we really want to hear YOUR love stories!


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