Independence and Authors

A happy Independence Day to you! This little gem of a post was dusted off from the BOF archives back on June 14, 2011, Flag Day. Remember, anything is possible, and that’s why we celebrate today, tomorrow, and what’s to come beyond.

Thoughts from Robbin, 6/14/11:

Okay, once again, I have found myself in a bit of a writing slump. So I remembered Chris Brogan’s list of 100 blog topics I hope you write. I googled and then re-read his inspiring list. And BING — this topic struck a chord. Who knows, maybe writing this list of things I want to write will help me get my personal writing mojo back.

Ready. Here’s my list of books I’d like to write.

The more things change the more they remain the same. The Power of Word of Mouth before and after this thing called social media. What’s changed, what’s stayed the same. I’d go back and forth from chapter to chapter with then and now. Then and now. Drawing conclusions along the way. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Social Grace in a Social World. There is something about social grace that makes people “likeable”. I know a lot of folks who have it. They open doors. They smile when they greet you. They make the nicest introductions. Social Grace. What is the online version of that look like. It’s worth studying in this era we are living in. I also think there are some things you should never do or say online. Some that are obvious. (Insert Wiener Jokes. Poor guy. ) And some are WAY more subtle and might be worth saying out loud in a book.

The Happiness Affair. A remarkable collection of phone photos and text exchanges from real people searching for what matters most in a busy, crazy, technology driven, mixed up world. I find it amazing how close we all hold our phones. Don’t you? I think this could be an amazingly hopeful work of art that would reveal our humanness in a very interesting way.

Slow Down. Hey, it might help to write about it. Still hopeful I might get it right one day.

The truth is the easy way out. I would love to study this truth I hold close to my heart. I’d look for stories where the truth has helped a company grow or redefine itself. Or where truth has saved a marriage or drawn people closer. I’d love to know how those involved came to the SIMPLE conclusion that the truth would be easier than living with a lie. So many people lie. To themselves, to others, to make people think things are different than they really are. I just have to believe a book like this could help make sense of it all. There has to be some common elements to finding that AHA moment when brands and people realize the truth REALLY is the easy way out.

How I went from Twix bars for lunch to eating local. Okay. Okay. A little bubbling dream of mine. I am working on this like I am working on slowing down.

Be Famous for the people who love you. And for the way you love them. Stories of organizations who fall madly in love with their employees and customers and change lives in the process. I’d also look for stories of employees falling in love with their customers and how that “closeness to their customers” changed the way they look at what they “do”. One of the best quotes I have heard all year was from one of our clients as they sat in sykpe interviews with potential ambassadors. As they heard amazing story after amazing story he look over and quietly said to me, “I will never, EVER look at my job the same ever again”.

Okay. That’s all I’ve got. Your turn. Come on. Share. What book is inside of you longing to be written?

P.S. Oh. Happy Flag Day!!! One of our readers, Jason Lindsay sent me this photo from The American Flag Project to share.

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