Working Backwards

We celebrated on Friday, so here’s your jolt of creative energy today.
Good morning, folks.

We gather as a crew every Monday morning for a family meeting. We chat and share, and I’m inviting you to our family huddle today. It’s just too good not to share.

Seth Godin spoke in New York at Creative Mornings, a design-focused monthly event that runs on community and coffee. They’re located all over the place, let us know if you attended one in your town.

The theme of the month is BACKWARDS. We live in a world of connections and we are in the business of meeting people, connecting, changing. Do we have our priorities upside down sometimes? Are we stuck because we’re working in the wrong way?

I can’t wait to watch this again, it’s full of awesome nuggets of wisdom and inspiration. I look forward to turning my own thinking upside down and backwards to move forward.

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