I Wish I Had Known

I’m the kind of person who lives for the “I wish I had known” articles. I can’t help it- I like learning from others’ mistakes. So, I’d like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to failures everywhere.

Inspired by this Businesstips.com post about leadership, I couldn’t help but share.

What I have learned (vicariously) through others is that failure is a good thing. It’s a life changing event that brings clarity to and sheds some light on a murky situation… an in between moment of life. A fork in the road moment. But unlike Yogi, you fail to take the fork.

“Be the one to make the hard choices; then live with them. Being ready to make the tough decisions and stand by them will set you apart from the crowd.”

With leadership comes risk.

Ask yourself: what will you gain from failure, from a risk? When did you choose to lead and really go after what you believe in? How has that shaped you today?

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