Seize the Day: Newsies Edition

Hello, my name is Katie. And I love musical theater. From start to finish, my toes are tapping and my face hurts from smiling. There is nothing like a live performance.

In honor of the upcoming Tony Awards (one of the most exciting nights for those on- and off-broadway), I’d like to salute Newsies. If you’re new to this scene: welcome. If not: you know what I’m talking about!

Newsies is the story of teens fighting for their place in the world. They sell newspapers, or papes, on the tough streets of New York. It’s 1899, and the big newspaper owners, Pulitzer and Herst, run the show. The kids can complain on their own and get nowhere, or they can band together and make a difference. They strike! They form a union! They sing, they dance, and they will give you chills.

The cool part about this show (I could go on for awhile but I’ll try not to) is that it is centered around making a difference. Being an underdog. Going after your dreams. Forming something bigger than yourself. It’s about community.

The cast members of Newsies live and breathe community every day. They do awesome things like show their love to their “fansies” and take you behind the scenes. Pulling back that magical curtain is one of the coolest ways to let others in. They even captured cast member reactions to their Tony Award® nominations last year.

You feel like you’re part of the team. Who hasn’t felt like an underdog? Who hasn’t wanted to be part of a good ole group huddle? Huddle up, folks, because Newsies rock. Let them inspire you to Seize the Day.

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