A John Mellencamp Day

If you cut me, Iâ’d probably bleed a little Lynyard Skynyrd, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger and John Mellencamp. All of which you’d expect to hear from a 55 year old male, which I’m not. Blame it on my rocker parents if you’ d like, but I absolutely love me some John Mellencamp. I once taught a continuing education class and referenced a ‘Jack and Diane’ couple and their tax situation.

This morning, I jumped in the car and started towards Brains. Today totally feels like a John Mellencamp morning. So I popped in his greatest hits CD, turned up the volume, and ‘Hurts So Good’ came on.

It reminded me of a job interview I had back in 2006. There was this weird company, with this quirky name, who needed an accountant. I had no idea exactly what they sold, it sounded a little foreign compared to my banking experience. But standing in the lobby of their office at the end of the interview… along came John singing ‘Hurts So Good’. Even amongst the nervousness, I could feel the divine intervention and peace that a song can give you. It says… this is where you are meant to be… John Mellencamp is playing in the lobby… what better sign could there be?

So here’s hoping you have a John Mellencamp Day. You might not end up with a job at Brains On Fire like me, but I sincerely hope you get the gift of comfort and reassurance that a song can bring. A song that tells you, yeah… I’m on the right path.


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