Overheard in the Brains on Firesphere 8 years and 16 days ago.

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I couldn’t find a photo of Cordell from 2005 to go with this post, so this one from 2007 will have to do. It was taken at a Brains on Fire pajama party. I love that word pajama, don’t you?

I was trying to remember the very first day we posted on this site. So I took a trip down to memory land and found this post from April 23, 2005. What I am about to share wasn’t the first post. It was the second, but I love it and we live it and it’s worth repeating:

Want to know what we love about people with their Brains on Fire?


When you’re excited and inspired, fear disappears.

— Greg Cordell

Yup. That tiny little post still rings true today. When you’re fueled with passion, excitment and inspiration, FEAR disappears.

I remember when I was first approached about the idea of a Brains on Fire blog (remember it was 2005 now — don’t judge). My first reaction was “Um, why? Tell me what and why again?”

I’m glad that Geno and Spike were so passionate about pushing the idea of us thinking out loud forward. I’m glad we did it in spite of my initial fears. So many things we do that are worth doing, we do because of passion. We ask our clients to go forward and trust passion every single day. And we don’t take their courage lightly.

So. How will you push yourself with passion today? How are you going to make this day a fearless one?

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