Design Discussion: Typography

Can we chat about this typography?

Yvette Yang, Source: Fast Company
Yvette Yang, Source: Fast Company

Dressing up your font, pun intended, is a big thing here at Brains on Fire. Emotions and aesthetics go hand in hand, and design often fills the void when words just aren’t enough. That’s an understatement, yes. We have a tweet to back that up.

Kudos, Yvette Yang. I love how much these letters speak. Think about how this typography oozes into our world… and is a reflection of our culture at the same time. This amazing alphabet is only one example. What does it say about us? Perhaps you don’t saunter around in Jimmy Choos all day, but you are quite aware of their place in the couture culture.

Check out the entire article about Yvette Yang’s work from Kyle VanHemert at Fast Company.


Katie Scully Katie Scully is a Community Manager at Brains on Fire. Meet her here.

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