Happy Anniversary on a Foolish Day

FUN copyWe’ve been stylin’ for 14 years here at Brains on Fire. Naturally we celebrate on April Fools Day, who doesn’t want to laugh on their birthday?

Check in with Robbin Phillips, Greg Ramsey, and Greg Cordell (in spirit while vacationing). 14 years is fun for reminiscing.

Social media did not exist.
I remember showing people how a website worked! Can you believe that? There was this cool new way to communicate, and at this time, we knew this was not life as usual. This is when we started to say “we’re going to grad school now”. We knew things were changing, we just didn’t know exactly how.

The power of email.
The idea of emailing someone sitting right next to you was so strange to me. I still try not to write emails if I just have a question that doesn’t require a paper trail. On the other hand, I’ll never forget receiving one of my earlier emails, it was from my brother. He described the most beautiful view while traveling in Vancouver, WA on business. His writing changed me, and it never would have been possible to read, share and enjoy without email.

The way we capture a moment.
People are getting smarter and smarter. Skype interviews with someone in England. Q +A sessions with a colleague in China. My phone is my scrapbook, I take so many more pictures today. The way we save the memories of our lives has changed, it’s so cool.

Fourteen years of (awesome) people.
I can’t help but think of the faces that have come and gone, and some very special faces that still grace our Firesphere today. And it’s still really fun most days.

In the beginning…
We are still doing meaningful work. That’s why we are here and we keep coming back. We are still doing the same great things; they may look different, but the motive behind them and the the partnerships we’ve formed are still true to our core.

I still remember the first time (Greg) Cordell and I encountered a fax machine. I WAS AMAZED. It was insane to imagine someone on the other end receiving a piece of paper that had the same information we were holding.

It is duly noted that Cordell, Ram and Robbin are still just as good-looking (if not more) as they were in ’99. We couldn’t agree more. Cheers to 14 years.

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