Do You Dream?

The idea of dreaming has always been mysterious and exciting to me.

There’s always the actual state of dreaming– often happening while you sleep. I have crazy dreams, so I’m always curious about the truth and meaning behind them.

Then there’s the idea of dreaming… wondering… searching. It’s no secret that I am a big proponent of WONDERing– I spend my days in the virtual world of Wonderopolis as the community manager. The questions, connections and ideas shared inspire me. Please note: my community consists of families, teachers and students– lots of wonderers between the ages of 5 and 12. I wouldn’t change it for the world, because it’s important to think like a kid sometimes; they ask questions without hesitation and curiosity outweighs any sense of pride. We can all take a lesson from these fellow wonderers.

I stumbled across an old dream journal I started after reading Matthew Kelly’s The Dream Manager. Do you allow yourself to dream? Do you tap into your passions, recognizing the things that make you tick? I’m going to revisit my journal and challenge myself to go after my dreams, like “smile for the rest of my life” and “ask why not more often”. They can be all over the place. There is no right or wrong, for they are YOUR dreams. Isn’t that beautiful?

Scully_EndPostKatie Scully is a Community Manager at Brains on Fire. Meet her here.

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