Do You Value What You Fear?

I’ll admit it…I’m on Facebook a lot. Mostly for the awesome Tinkernation community I manage, but it’s also sometimes the only way I hear from a very busy friend, the way I first catch a news story and it can even include a little bit therapy via others’ wisdom.

I had a friend post a little while ago on Facebook a line from her daily reading — “What you fear reveals what you value most.”

That line has been sinking into my mind for a week or two now. It grows in its power, doesn’t it?

So if you know me, you may know that on the inside I’m a worrywart. I worry…a lot. I plan for things to go wrong in every which way. This trait is great for being an event planner and not so great for my muscle tension. Things always happen when you are least expecting it, right? So I just try to always expect it, thereby preventing it from going wrong. This is my logic.

Still, I can’t get that line out of my head. Do I really value what I fear? Do you?

All the little things that we worry about at work in our day-to-day, all the little problems we fear going wrong…are they actually valuable?

I think I should be a little pickier about what I give mental space to.

Emily_EndPostEmily Everhart is our Gentle Nudger + Community Manager at Brains on Fire. Meet her here.

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