A Few Days in the Firesphere

A Few Days In The Firesphere from Shannon Kohn on Vimeo.

What started out as an idea to create and share a video of one of our BOF Monday morning “family” meetings, quickly morphed into the “slice of life from inside the Firesphere” video you see above this post. Truth be told, I’m still in love with my latest time-lapse video iPhone app download, and enjoyed a little more creative exploration utilizing it over the past two weeks!

Meetings. Meals. Monumentally cool people (ok, I pushed a little for the alliteration on that one, but the folks I work with are truly some of the most monumentally cool people in the world). There’s also a little visual awesomeness and some interesting objects from around the office thrown in there for good measure. Slice of life, yo!

Oh, and a humongous THANK YOU for hanging out with us and sharing your thoughts here on the BOF blog, on Twitter and on Facebook. YOU GUYS ROCK!

Shannon Kohn Shannon Kohn is the Velvet Hammer at Brains on Fire. Meet her here.

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