It’s the Little Things


Sometimes I can get pretty excited over the smallest of things. For example, I recently purchased:
a) Speck case for my phone
b) Kindle cover for my… Kindle (shocking, I know)
c) stamps
d) all of the above

I was more than excited to receive my Amazon delivery of my two new tech-y gadget protectors. However, I continued to reassure myself, and my bank account, that I am not becoming an addictive shopper. Purchasing things is not how I get my latest high. Instead, it was the idea receiving something in the mail. I’m all for efficiency, and I appreciate the beauty of email, but sometimes a brown paper package tied up with string IS one of my favorite things.

I realized this when my awesome friends sent me a package filled with love, in the form of food. After a friend-filled weekend with a side of Southern hospitality, two of my best friends sent my fiancé and me an incredibly thoughtful gift after their visit. Arguably some of the best pizza in the Midwest, Lou Malnati‘s showed up at my door. I swear, the box was smiling (and so was I). I loved the act of receiving a thoughtful gift– I would have been smiling if I had received a kind note, or even a phone call from them. But there is something magical about getting a gift in the mail, especially one with clever sayings on the side. (“Someone must really like you”)

The next time you are thinking of someone, or find yourself saying “I should send ______ (insert name here) something”, just do it. Err on the side of giving. If and dry ice can make my day, something simple and thoughtful can still surprise and delight.

Scully_EndPostKatie Scully is a Community Manager at Brains on Fire. Meet her here.

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