Gimme Some Lovin’


This is a week of love. LURVE. And like the ever-cool Blues Brothers I’m on a mission to share it.

I’m fortunate enough to hang out in the virtual world with some of the coolest people around, and most of them are under the age of 14. They inspire me, and they may not realize it, but they inspire one another. They share their thoughts, their questions, and their EXCITEMENT! This excitement, this Wonder, is contagious.

We spend a lot of our day connecting with one another, but often we’re moving so fast that we forget to take a look at what those connections mean in our everyday lives. So as this week of LURVE continues, I challenge you to think about things that inspire you. What makes you feel good? What makes your friend, neighbor, grandma, client smile? What makes us want to connect?

Whatever those answers may be, embrace them! Listen to Stevie Wonder. Buy the beverage for the person behind you while you wait in line for your coffee. Call your friend. Ask how you can help. Embrace the awesomeness that comes from shared connections. I hear awesomeness is contagious.


Katie Scully Katie Scully is a Community Manager at Brains on Fire. Meet her here.

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