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We have the best interns at BOF, and Rachel Bass is no exception to the rule. She has written a post for the blog about her experience working here, and I must say, it’s truly flattering and inspiring. Thanks Rachel, for all that you’ve done (and will do). Oh, be sure to click on the work map below for a bigger version – it’s really great. -Nathan

Intern at Brains on Fire are five little words I never would have thought I would say, let alone that five little words could have such an immense impact on my life. When I thought of Brains on Fire I thought creative, loud, explosive, dynamic, explorative, funky, and inspirational. My experience as an intern has proven it all true. In my time here I have experienced all these things and consider them to be true Brains on Fire adjectives. From the moment I walked through the doors I felt the creative vibe and saw the teamwork. I jumped right in, squished my way into the team huddle and found it to be quite a natural place to be. Everyone at BOF gave me the go ahead to insert myself into any aspect I desired and welcomed me to make myself right at home, so of course I did (some may have regretted saying that đŸ˜‰ ). I have been given some big, really important projects and some little, really important projects. This is one of the many things I love about BOF. Every task taken on, no matter its size, is seen as important. I believe this is how BOF does what they do so well. Nothing is left out or overlooked because of the great importance of every excel spreadsheet and every email sent. I appreciate that quality of care and expertise.

Not only are they experts at what they do, but they love doing it. They love inspiring movements and watching an entire community unite together for a cause greater than any single person. What a great way to be, especially as a company. Brains on Fire is not just in the business of people. It is a company that is of and about the people. Every action taken for a community or company is taken with its people at the very core and center of that action. The people BOF serves are the reason BOF exists, and they exist to serve those people. In my time as an intern I have seen this play out time and time again. I have seen each member of the BOF go the extra mile to assist and bring their client’s, or as they call them their “kindred spirits,” dream to reality. What a cheesy thing to say, but what an oh-so-true statement. The best statements are the cheesiest ones, this is just my opinion of course.

I have grown as part of the Brains on Fire movement. I have been cultivated by a group of loving and PATIENT people. I ask question after question, I double check, I email incessantly, and I talk abundantly. They withstood it all and allowed me to soak in each and every moment without complaint. I am truly grateful for this. In their own way, they each poured into me and let me watch somewhat quietly while they worked their BOF magic. What more could an intern ask for than being told “just go for it and lets see what happens.” That is dangerous water with me, but it worked every time. I am most appreciative of their willingness to work with me and direct me every time I was about to make something more difficult for myself.

I have created a word map, for this is the best example of how my brain functions, creates, relaxes, thinks, and is. I find I pour my thoughts out better with my hands. Look close, for it gets chaotic at times. This word map is an unplanned telling of my thoughts, feelings, and learnings of/about Brains on Fire, as well as my off-the-wall musing. Be prepared to be confused, amazed, elated, confused again, interested, and befuddled. I truly cannot express the profoundness of the experience I have had with Brains on Fire or the gratitude I have. What more could one humble intern ask for?

Brains on Fire Word Map by Rachel Bass

If I can be extremely forward for a moment and say that I have fallen in LOVE with Brains on Fire. I have fallen in love with:
creaky wood floors
the smell of dark roast coffee
random noises throughout the day
rapid deadlines
meticulous planning
spontaneous outings
laughter out of no where
family huddles
dry erase board questions
curtain cubicles
brick walls
various music playing
the conversations to be had
answering the phone
watching creativity happening
The Team emails for the fun of it
every person on the team
the cannon little
The Folder Structure folder
community management

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