What is Passion?

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A couple of weeks ago Greg Cordell and I had the awesome experience of hitting the road to dig into what’s happening on the frontline between our client, Anytime Fitness, and their customers. Over the course of a few days, Greg and I traveled to Santa Rosa, California, Gig Harbor, Washington and Roanoke, Texas visiting Anytime Fitness locations in each of the cities.

Before I get into the passion question, I want to say how lucky we are to engage with our clients and chat with their customers face-to-face. It’s something we never take for granted; we realize it’s a big deal for customers to take time out of their lives and days to share their thoughts with us.

As our cross-country trip was winding down, we shared our last morning on the road with Rodrigo Chavez in his Roanoke, Texas Anytime Fitness location. As we chatted about business, Rodrigo shared what he looks for in an employee. When he used the word “passion,” we got curious and asked what he meant by it.

“I don’t mean passion from the dictionary. I mean passion from here,” Rodrigo said, pointing to his heart. He continued by explaining that sharing passion is when you put all your energy into something that’s going to be better for everyone, not just for yourself.

I love where Rodrigo was going…PASSION. We’re all looking for it, especially us marketing folk. We sometimes treat it like a bottle of ketchup…hey pass me that passion.

So what’s my take on passion? Number one, please go out on a few dates with your customers and employees before you pop the question, “Hey, what’s your passion?” I think you have to know a bit about a person to know how to frame that question up. Otherwise you run the risk of getting little more than surface stuff and a glazed over look in response.

We’re all looking for passion. We keep an ear out for it, hoping to hear someone sharing their passion for something with another person. It’s amazing to see how others within earshot jump in on the conversation when they connect with an expressed passion.

Our nature is to jump in and share something we believe is going to make life better for another person (credit Rodrigo), whether that comes in the form of a great place to eat, a new television show, an economical yet fun car to own (MINI), or something else. Passion can come with a lot of energy, but it can also come softly.

Passion conversations happen all around us. They can be functional, they can be emotional, they can be social…more on that later.

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