Let Go. Have Faith. Say Yes.


What happens when your life, both personal and professional, becomes too routine?

That’s the question I’ve been facing for many months and I addressed it late last year when I decided to join Brains on Fire after eight-years of self-employment. It wasn’t an easy decision.

The easy decision would have been to stay the course and coast as I have been doing. Life was good. Business was good. But something was missing.

The difficult decision was to change my ways and purposely place myself in a new city with a new role at a different company.

I chose the difficult path and I’m not looking back.

During the upending of my life, I found serenity by following six guiding words:

Each word combo has special meaning that is helping me to smooth out the ups and downs involved with the upending of my life. To gain the most from this transition, I believe I must…

LET GO of the mindset that I am in total control of my life and of the circumstances that surround my life. I’m now focusing on freeing myself of this need to feel as though I am in control. I’m trying to take life and all of its variables minute-by-minute and not trying to control my life minutia-by-minutia.

HAVE FAITH that wherever I am supposed to be, I’ll get there. I might not get there today or tomorrow. But, I will get there someday. Patience and trust are my allies as I fight back my controlling tendencies.

SAY YES to the opportunities that present themselves to me. The controlling perfectionist in me finds it easy to say NO. It’s how I feign control by deliberating walking past open doors. Now is the time for me to explore life by walking through open doors.

These six guiding words have personal and professional meaning to me. Perhaps they can have meaning to guide your business.

Could your business benefit from LETTING GO, HAVING FAITH, and SAYING YES?

Is your business really in control of its future? Do you spend too much time managing the minutia of your daily business activities? Do you micro-manage employees in an attempt to control everything they do, when they do it, and how they do it? Do you lack complete confidence in the ability of your business to succeed no matter the economic climate? Are you afraid to say “yes” to new methods and new ideas?

Is it time for you and your business to LET GO, HAVE FAITH, and SAY YES in order to grow?

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