You’ll never work for us again.

My daughter Logan’s beautiful 20 year old eye. Eyes are amazing things, don’t you think?

When I was in my early twenties, I was convinced that hard work led to success. I often put in 60-70 hour weeks. I thought my standards and work ethics were very high.

I have long since rethought my notions of success.

Working with a light heart and open mind is way more fun and profitable.

Even though I still might be working long hours some weeks, it never feels that way to me anymore. Nothing remarkable ever comes out of being stressed and tired or grouchy. I have learned with practice to manage my energy, not my time. And for me that means managing my reactions.

At some point in my 20’s, I was “managing” a group of freelance artists.

One day this older women called me and told me she couldn’t come in for the day. I was really counting on her and knew it would be a struggle to get our work done without her help. She offered no explanation except, “My family needs me today.” I blurted out. “Great. They can need you everyday. You’ll never work for us again.”

Yup. I actually said that.

I later found out that her husband, the father of their three kids, had been diagnosed with cancer. I felt so small when I heard that news. No words of apology ever felt right.

There are many stupid things I wished I had never said, but that one tops them all.

It’s a life lesson that pops up in my mind once and awhile, when I overreact or when someone overreacts in my presence.

This year one of my goals is simply to RAISE MY STANDARDS.

In how I eat, live, the work we do AND most of all how I react.

At a time when everyone is making goals and long lists of resolutions let’s do something a little different. What do you know now that you wished you known when you were in your twenties?

Come on, share what you know now. and what you wish you’d known at 22?

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