Are you a citizen of us or are you a citizen of you?

I read the New York Times (almost) everyday.

Thanks to my writer friend Steven who got me hooked on the idea.

And like Michael Kruse, I read the paper paper. And no, I am not 80. I love the question Michael poses in his blog (so much so that I stole it for this post heading).

I’ve learned a lot over the last few months reading real ink on paper every day.

First. Reading words from really brilliant writers and a variety of voices everyday inspires more writing.

Scott Ginsberg told me once that writing is the basis of all wealth. I’ve come to believe that is not just wealth in dollars but wealth in knowledge. Writing inspires thinking.

But here is the most important thing about real newspapers.

I feel I am holding community in my hands.

Hard to explain really.

I feel as if I am hearing the stories of our world through the eyes and hearts of others. The good, the happy and the struggles. And that is community at its finest. I feel a connection to the world that makes me feel a part of something other than my small little universe.

I worry about our twitter frenzied, facebook happy posting world. I worry that we are missing something much more important in our me focused-ness. (Yes, I am guilty of it.) I worry that we are missing the bigger picture. Reading the New York Times each day makes me feel like a citizen of us. And that is much more remarkable than being a citizen of me.

Do you read the paper paper?

I’m curious.

OX. Happy Tuesday.

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