Let’s go on an adventure today.

I love the adventurous look in this lovely woman’s eyes. And I love Libby Williams title for this photo from her adventures in Bali this summer. “Ninety-eight years happy.”

I love Tom Peters. Some people don’t. I get it. But I do and every once and a while when I am feel stuck or bored. I find a little Tom Ranting to read. Yesterday I found this:

This I believe.

And the one belief out of all 60 of Tom’s heartfelt beliefs that I remembered is about making your daily work an adventure.

Don’t you love that?

So from my memory (the place where really great stuff seems to stick):

What if everything, I mean EVERYTHING, you did at work were an adventure?

How different would your work be?

Would you be prouder of the work you do in the world?

What if it your only goal was to amuse yourself? Would your work be fresher, smarter, more ALIVE?

So there you go. That’s my rant inspired by Tom. And here’s my QUEST for the day.

I will amuse myself today.

So. How will you look at the work you do today. Will you amuse yourself? What is your next adventure?

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