Our work is messy.

Messy can be fun. Photo from Libby Williams.

Some days I’m convinced that we might be making marketing harder than it needs to be (we have that conversation often around here). But most days I am absolutely certain that the work we are asked to take on these days is truly hard. And a little bit messy.

In order to find the passion conversation for our clients we’re looking for emotional connectors. We are trying hard to evoke emotions and touch lives. And we all know sometimes emotions are messy.

We personally have to develop a point of view from the insight we do. We have to let ourselves FEEL something.

Every. Single. Time.

We can’t get too caught up in facts or tactics at first, we have to hear and then feel for ourselves the things that set hearts and minds on fire. Things that unite and move and sway people to action.

We have to get our hands dirty.

Logic has it’s place and time.

But when igniting community and sparking movements, emotions matter most.

It’s your turn. When has emotion triggered you to take smart and meaningful action?

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