You had me at naked.

Me, writing this post real time.

“It was not every day that Mrs Delhany found a naked man in the driveway.” — First Line from Silvia Hartmann’s book, The Dragon Lords, a book that has yet to be published or written.

I love the first sentence of a books, I have said this before — but I love imagining the author typing that very first thought, sitting back and saying “Yes, that’s good.”

I open books all the time just to read the first line.

Try it.

The other day I was reading which is by far my most favorite online read. And I found this article about the Naked Writer Project. Seems Silvia Hartmann is asking the world to watch her write her next novel in real time.

Pretty cool, huh?

She’s 50,000 words into her next novel at this point. I love how Tech Crunch compared it to being in the studio with a favorite musical artist.

Intimacy creates shared ownership.

I imagine the handful of readers that Silva has watching her work will take ownership in making the book known to other readers. If we’re let in on the process of creating, we feel we have played a role in bringing something to life.

And that is a powerful tool for marketing success.

When have you seen the idea letting people in early done really well?

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