What do you love?

I love GOOD magazine. The online version is just one of my “feel good” breaks in the middle of the day. I visit it when I want to, well… feel good.

My latest discovery is a series on “What do you love?”

What a great question.

So often we ask people what do you DO. What do you LOVE is a much more telling question to ask when you meet someone. So simple, yet so much more powerful.

What do I love?

My ten things (I went to 12, I could go on and on but we all have to work!):

1. Seeing my kids do things they love.
2. Those little potato sticks in a can
3. Necklaces that have made up magical meanings
4. Fresh cut grass smells
5. Fresh flowers
6. People who are fearlessly themselves
7. Giving things away
8. Sweeping
9. Laughing until I cry (Laughing often with people you work with is a magic tonic for success.)
10. Hot Yoga (You knew it was coming.)
12. Moss. I love moss. It’s so sturdy and beautiful at the same time.

So. What do you love? When was the last time you asked your customers or employees this question?

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