The things that make us happy. And human.

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The things that make us happy are not really “things” at all, are they?

Today Cordell sent me this brilliant Harvard Business Review article.

I love the question that Umair Haque asked his social media friends.

What makes us human? In one word, preferably.

The most common answers were: empathy, consciousness, compassion, love.

From the article:

…few of us go the office, the classroom, the bank, or the clinic to expect, evoke, elicit, or enjoy anything resembling empathy, consciousness, compassion, love. I’d bet the farm, the house, and the Apple shares on the following proposition: Our institutions are failing not merely because they’re bankrupting us financially, but because they’re bankrupting us in human terms — that, having become something like Alcatrazes for the human soul, they fail to ignite within us the searing potential for the towering accomplishments necessary to answer today’s titanic challenges.

I hope I have inspired you to go read Umair’s words.

So what do you think? What makes us human and how can an organization be built on love, compassion, consciousness, joy, empathy, or kindness (the things that make us happy)? What would that look like to you?

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