Do you make your customers feel at home?

I’ve always loved the front door of Brains on Fire’s worldwide headquarters. Do you see the face?

The other day Cordell and I had a little email exchange. I’m not sure how it even began, but somewhere along the way he shared this thought:

I sometimes wonder if our modern age has created an entire generation of people simply trying to find their way home. What is home? Where do I feel rooted? Where do I feel known and respected?

Where do I feel like me?

Perhaps that’s the real opportunity before us in this wonderful, fast moving connected world. We can now connect in a way with our employees and customers that they feel like they are home. A place where they are surrounded by kindred spirits who share their same passions and dreams and hopes.


Where do you feel like you? Can a brand or organization connect so deep emotionally with you that you feel more you when you sharing, wearing or supporting them?

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