Word of Mouth: A Small Example

My fiancée and I recently had a conversation about some of our experiences working retail jobs. The scenario was simple:

“If you had to work front-line retail at any store in the Mall [in Greenville, SC], where would you work?”

Her only caveat was that I was barred from choosing the Apple Store so that the remaining companies would have a more level playing field. (In case you were wondering, I’m a huge Apple fan.)

My response was well thought out. I talked about how I’d want to pick a company that sold a product that solved problems for customers, a something I could really get behind even if it wasn’t that exciting. I talked about people choosing to work at a company they liked versus choosing a store just to get discounts on merchandise they wanted. I talked about my strengths and where I might make a good fit.

And then she responded: “Wow, you really thought through that. I’d pick the store that multiple people have told me is the best one to work at.”

Your company’s values and quality of products are critically important, but they will eventually live or die by the way you value the people you hire to make them a reality.

And the word of mouth those people naturally spread will either breath life into the mission, or make it ring hollow.

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