Kindred Spirits Will Find Each Other.

Photo of one of my favorite things from Libby.

The most amazing and wonderful email popped into my inbox last week from a young writer/story teller named Kathyn.

Her heartfelt words stopped me in my tracks.

She reads our blog.

This is going to sound a little weird, but when I write for the blog, I honestly feel connected to our reading community (that would be YOU!) in a way I can’t explain. So – as you can imagine — it’s very rewarding when someone takes time out of their day to email me and let me know how our words have impacted their lives.

Kathyn reminded me of a line I wrote in a post a while back, “Kindred spirits will find each other.”

Yup. I do believe that. There are no accidents.

So today, do me a favor and leave a comment. Say hello. To make it more fun, let’s take a cue from Kat’s “about” page on her site and list 20 things (or four!) that make you smile.

People connect through shared passions.

Let’s just see what we have in common.

I’ll go first:

the first cup of coffee
my kids laughter (still)
remembering stories that make you laugh til you cry
the smell of rain on hot summer sidewalks
dinners at home with real napkins
a field of bachelor buttons
a full tank of gas
an entire day spent outdoors
hot yoga
lead pencils
hugs from the heart
blackberries (the real ones)
clean sheets
waking up
looking up
getting a funny text
ordinary life
cold beer
those first bits of conversation in a meeting

Okay, you go. Let us know you’re listening and share a few smiles with us this Tuesday morning.

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