Another Break from Marketing

Ok. Enough marketing talk for the week. We’re going to ask you another random question.

“If, like the newspaper or milk, you could have anything of your choice delivered to your doorstep each morning, what particular item would you want it to be?”

Here are some answers from the pirates in the Firesphere:

  • Robbin Phillips: “A massage therapist.”
  • Justin Gammon: “Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.”
  • Shannon Kohn: “About $500 a day, CASH.  $750 on Sundays.  That should about cover it.”
  • Alexis Bass: “Someone to get me ready – hair, makeup, the works.”
  • Yours truly: “A newspaper from 100 years ago that day.”
  • Amy Taylor: “Forget milk. Give me a mimosa.”
  • Greg Ramsey: “A big can of laughter.”
  • Elizabeth Kelley: “A gigantic cup of strong coffee and a hot, delicious breakfast that would change daily.”
  • Cathy Harrison: “Wash, dry and folded laundry from the day before… A girl can dream, right???”
  • Eric Whitlock: “A live and interactive 15 minute 3-D hologram of friends, family and figures of history who are no longer living.”
  • Logan Metcalf: “Cash so I can get anyone to bring anything I want to my door :-)”

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