Classy people never let you down.

Nope. To quote a lyric from one of my favorite songs from Edwin McCain, “it ain’t about the money…”

The other day as I was walking into the Fresh Market (don’t you love that name, I want everything from the market to be fresh so I get food from there a lot…), my friend called me. Or I called her.

We just call once and while.

Have any friends who just seem to always show up at the right moment in your life? It’s a very cool thing…

Anyway, I realized as I sat listening to her talk about this and that in the parking lot. And to me talking back about this and that and laughing. I realized that being “classy” is not about having money or things. Or knowing what fork to use. Not. At. All.

It’s about having a soul.

Long before there were bank accounts and designer clothes or, there were people who always knew what to say and exactly when to say it. You know, kind of like the Dad on little house on the praire…it’s an art.

I ran into her boss last week and I said, “I feel like I know you, ________ and I are very close friends and she thinks a lot of you”. (Have to leave off her name because I know I would embarrass her with this post). He smiled and said this: she’s an amazing person and the best part, she hasn’t got a clue how remarkably smart she is.

Classy people are humble about their talents.

I asked her when we were talking to send me a phone number and contact information for someone I wanted to reach. She did it — in a matter of minutes.

Classy people keep promises.

She also is a truth teller. We went to a huge party recently and she looked at me mid evening and said, “I’d rather be home reading.” We laughed and we both went home.

Classy people don’t lie to themselves or others. Even about the little things.

It’s a funny set of words: “classy people”. And I don’t know why she makes me think of them. Weird really. Maybe the more politically correct term these days is “authentic”.

But you know I speak some truth here.

There are fine lines that separate the really genuine people from those that are just all fanfare, talk and twitter.

So I’ll say it again, classy people never let you down. Classy leaders never let you down. Classy companies thrive and grow and listen and learn and draw people towards them everyday.

Hmmmm. What kind of person are you? What kind of company do you own, work for or keep?

And most importantly of all, who do you admire?

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