Spring Awakening!

Spring Awakening The Musical
Last night my wife (Jennifer) and I made a spontaneous decision to go see “Spring Awakening” at the Peace Center in Greenville. After the show we both said we’re glad we made the decision to see the musical.

I was very curious about “Spring Awakening” a play written in the 1890’s – banned back in the day in Germany, now turned into a Rock musical. Let’s just say, I’m glad I gave up my normal spot on the couch watching the Tuesday show of American Idol. The Duncan Sheik songwriting was inspiring, haunting, and funny. The song, Totally F****d is going to be stuck in my head for quite a while.

Also let me give big Kudos to THE GUILTY ONES of Greenville, the street team for Spring Awakening, that brought out lots of young people that you normally don’t see at a Peace Center show.

Spring Awakening 2010
I don’t know about you, but the new year doesn’t really start for me until I see the first signs of spring… tulips are peaking out of the soil, trees are starting to blossom, and client projects are coming alive.

I missed out on SXSW again this year (someday dang it) but I’m excited about the Optimization Summit Dallas, New Comm in San Mateo, the NRA Show (that’s the National Restaurant Association), and WOMMA’s School of WOM.

It’s exciting to get out on the road and evangelize the Gospel of WOM, and learn from others about word of mouth marketing and it’s social media siblings. I know my hair can be scary, but if you’re going to be attending one of these events, let’s chat. I would love to know how your spring is waking up?

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