Twitter. A love story.

Photo by the Hotel Saint Cecilia pool via Geno Church and his trusty iphone

Okay. I woke up this morning – a gray day in Green Vegas – but the sun was shining in my heart. Can’t explain it really. Maybe it is because I am getting out of town.

Austin. One of my favorite cities.

And I have decided I might stay the weekend and play around.

With that smile in my heart, I read this direct message from someone on Twitter. I won’t give his name but I want to share.

Indulge me:

yrs ago, i sent my wife a link to your site and said, one day i’m going to build my company like that: “a tribe of true believers”

Those of you that read our blog know I blow very hot and cold on this twitter craze. Or daze.

Whatever you want to call it.

It is additive and sometimes weirds me out when I find myself getting completely sucked in. You got to know how silly I think it for people to twitter to each other at dinner. (Geez, as I write this I realized I did that with Geno last night. Shouted out to my friends that I was with Geno have a really cool little drink before bed. See, it sucks you in. Guess there are something you just long to share…)

And if you hang out here often, you probably know this about me too. I get my jollies by inspiring others to believe in themselves. I read somewhere that leaders create leaders. That is my job here on this planet. To inspire strong and powerful leaders to lift others up in life. To elevate and empower their employees and their customers. To find the shared passions. To connect people. To give everyone a voice and supportive venue to use their time and talents wisely.


So that message from Twitter only intended for my eyes is proof in a funny sort of way that it’s working. That Brains on Fire is a movement and and not just a place to work. Those kind words from someone I may never meet but we have inspired feels like “twitter love”.

Forgive me if this post feels like horn tooting. But see in a funny sort of way, I get it now. Connecting with people you don’t even know can be a powerful thing.

So today. I will love and appreciate the value of twitter. Silly, silly twitter.

Now you go: tell me your favorite “twitter love story”.

P.S. I actually wrote this yesterday but didn’t get to post until Friday morning. Now I am in Austin with the amazing + delightful @genochurch at one of the most soulful little hotels I have stayed in long time. Check it out. Hotel Saint Cecila. I recommend this to all my friends. All of you. Even the ones i don’t know. Yet.

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