Technology is not your friend

In some things that we’re preparing for a great 2010, we mined this nugget from our friend and kindred spirit, Chris Sandoval:

“It’s not about technology, it’s about people. I’ve worked in the tech field since the mid-nineties. The minute you fall in love with any given technology, it’s outdated. It’s like the philandering girlfriend. Technology is not going to stay faithful to you.”

Holy moly I love this set of words. And they ring so true. I know we’ve been preaching and practicing it for some time now, but this helps look at things in a new light. Sure, you can trust in technology if you want and see where that gets you. But what you should trust in is that technology will change. Constantly. But the fundamental reasons why people use it don’t.

If you’re sitting down to think about technology strategy first, you’re going to have to go back the drawing board in a few months and you’ll constantly be playing catch-up. But if you invest in a strategy that engages your employees and customers first, then you’ll be ahead of the game. It’s the difference between blindly creating something FOR people or intelligently and opening creating something WITH people.

It’s your choice.

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