This morning’s photo courtesy of my niece.

Yesterday’s post from Spike really got me thinking. I have to confess in a way it even has me up at 4am writing.

Something odd is happening to people. At least from my slightly skewed point of view.

We have gone a step beyond multitasking. We have started multi-sharing.

Everyone and anyone can become “famous”. Well, sort of. All you you need is point of view, a personality, a blog, a facebook and a twitter account. An interesting job helps. Sometimes.


I also saw a link at the end of the day on a twitter remark from @ellmcgrit (love her, she is just such a happy twitter-er). And the gist of it was this:

We all need to rest.

I am going to step out on a limb here. I am a bit tired of all the conversation. Maybe that makes me weird or anti-social, but I feel compelled to listen and participate and engage with the world for the most part. I love it really. But all this “opportunity” is driving me… well, to be up at 4am to spend some quiet time with my thoughts (No wait, I am blogging… is that quiet time with my thoughts???)

Don’t get me wrong. I love being able to stay connected with people I meet and like. Like Ellen. And our clients and potential clients. It’s really quite nice.

There are some people though, who are out there so much and so often, I have to wonder…where are their families when they are constantly online? Where are their friends?

I had dinner with a someone the other night, someone I hadn’t seen in a while. And I realized after dinner, this person had been on twitter while we ate. Seriously. Commenting on some #event.

I know this fact because I checked twitter before I went to bed. So weird. Is that anyone else’s bedtime ritual? So wonderful in some ways but so very, very weird in others.

I also attended a meeting with a group of people recently, nice people, but this one guy sat in the meeting with the sound of his key board clicking about every five minutes. Now, who was he fooling???

I know the sound of 142 characters when I hear it.

I told myself, well — it’s his job, kinda — but I had seriously been on plane all day getting to that meeting, the least he could do was give me his full attention for a couple of hours. Am I alone in thinking that kind of behavior is just odd?

Does anyone else have a love-hate relationship with online conversation tools besides me?

Makes me want to find a river and go fly-fishing. Makes me want to take up fly fishing. (Thanks Ellen for putting that idea in my head…) And thanks to Aaron for giving me my new favorite word at 5:30 this morning. “Futzing.” Good word.

See the struggle? It’s not all good and not all bad.

Now. Shhhh. Get still. Go Rest.

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