Numbers for the sake of numbers

Hypothetical question for you: Let’s say you’ve been writing a blog for years now. And you’ve got a pretty good readership built up. Not off the charts, but you regularly get comments from new voices. Same thing on your Facebook fan page and Twitter. You’ve got greater than the average number of “followers,” and things are growing at a steady pace.

But then you wake up one day and everything has changed. You check Twitter and you have 10 followers. Your Facebook fan page has 15. Comments are scare on your blog.

Here comes the question: Would you keep being as active on social media as you were when you had impressive numbers? In other words, would you make as much of an effort to talk with 20 people as you would to talk with 20,000 people?

Once again, it comes down to the numbers. Would you rather have 20 deeply passionate people who love to talk about you or 20,000 that really don’t care all that much about you?

Just thinking out loud.

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