On your personal brand and why it doesn't matter

“You really should work on your personal brand. You need to be paying close attention to your personal twitter and you need to have a slick blog where you post regularly. You need to align all of the social media outlets you operate in for clear, consistent representation of you.”

Actually, though, you don’t.

Not that any of those are bad things to do. In fact, they are really smart things to do. But if you work for a company and clients through that company, the best development of your personal brand is devoting yourself to the success of those clients (and in turn, the success of the company). Their increased profitability will speak much, much more about you than your blog or twitter account.

So, I’m not too sorry that I don’t update my website, twitter account, or Facebook page very often. My personal brand is to be the absolute best employee possible to Brains on Fire and the clients I work with through them.

Sidenote: from experience, personal brand has played a very small role in potential employers’ consideration of me in the hiring process. Having a website and a twitter account increased my visibility, but in the end interviewers wanted to know how the work I performed impacted the bottom line for clients. Even if I had the best personal brand in the world, my ability to actually contribute to the success of a company or a client would eventually be what determined my value.

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