Make Your Customers Invincible

When was the last time you put on your superhero costume or cape? Come on, admit it. Back in that childhood vault in your mind you put on a store-bought – or even better – homemade costume and ran around the house acting out heroic deeds. Mine is pretty vivid and a little bit wacky! When I would visit my grandparents, I would put on a combination of a store-bought/homemade Batman outfit and tear out to the garden performing my Batman moves on corn stalks or any other vegetable that got in my way.

I recently received an email from Angela Danielsa lead Fiskateer – that brought my superhero days back in a flash. Angela’s email to me was titled: “You know what other companies would kill for?”

Angela’s email was about a dynamic duo: Scrap-Girl and Croppin, two newbie Fiskateers (by “newbie,” I mean they joined in the last year). These ladies drove over an hour-and-a-half to attend a crop at a Native American Reservation. FYI – a “crop” is an event where crafters or scrapbookers get together and create, share ideas, bond, etc.

Quoting Angela, “I do encourage local Fiskateers to wear as much orange as they can at Fiskateer crops by giving away prizes for the ‘Orangest’ Fiskateers who attend, but for this particular crop I didn’t mention prizes. I just reminded everyone that orange was the theme. My theory is, people are just looking for permission to have fun and be a little silly sometimes. Outside of maybe Halloween, I don’t think there is a lot of permission being granted when you are a grown-up. These two women were THE hit of the party. Everyone wanted their photo with them and to ask them all about their costumes, etc. They were clearly having fun and it infused the whole crop with a different vibe.”

Bingo! People are just looking for permission to have fun and be a little silly sometimes.

Angela’s second point my come as a shock to some. Angela calls these ladies her “offline Fiskateers.”

“I call some of the Fiskateers ‘offline’ Fiskateers because they register to our website but, after that, they rarely or never post. Scrap-girl & Croppin’ don’t even have photos uploaded as avatars, but that obviously doesn’t make them any less enthusiastic as Fiskateers offline. They are the examples I refer to when I tell someone about the Fiskateer online community and they say ‘I’m not really into online communities.’ I tell these crafters that there are all different kinds of Fiskateers and some of them are offline Fiskateers. They just check the calendar and enjoy doing the surveys but most of their enthusiasm and involvement comes when they meet at events and local crops. It’s a very good example of the classic WOM cliché that most of the “conversation” is taking place offline.

Can you make your customer invincible? Probably not, but you can sure as hell give them permission to wake up that inner spirit to have fun.

Permission granted to be a fan!

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