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(photo of our very own Eric Dodds via our very own, Eric Dodds)

Yesterday morning bright and early I went to a Christmas party in this cool old house in Greenville. It was a drop in sort of thingy (can you say homemade omelets?!) for the Greenville CVB. They have it every year.

This year, as I pulled in the parking lot it dawned on me that I had pulled in to the exact same spot as last year.


Sameness unsettles me.

But it got me thinking. What’s changed since then? What kind of difference has a year, a roller coaster one at that, really made for me?

I still get up everyday with a desire to share the Brains on Fire cause with the world.

I am still in awe and wonder of this tribe of thought leaders that call 148 River Street home. Perhaps more in awe this year as I have watched this team show grace, steadiness and integrity in the face of economic craziness. (Which by the way, I really do see less craziness ahead as we prepare to set sail in 2010…a good thing for many of us.)

I am also in awe of the extended tribe that helps us push the Brains on Fire movement forward and create meaningful experiences for our courageous clients and their customers.

I am in absolute awe of the words of encouragement we get here on this blog and in personal emails. Some from people who only know us from afar. It blows my mind really.

It has been quite a year and it’s not over yet.

I have written on this blog about the lessons I’ve learned this year here and here.

But what I have learned most of all is this. Never, in the words of my partner Greg Cordell lose your “child like wonder”. Keep marveling at the world we live in, the people you meet along the way, and the work you do.

Most of all believe in what you do. And make it NEW. Every. Single. Day.

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