One more time: Online vs. Offline

So tell me this: Which do you think is more powerful?


Or this:

Are all of your efforts being focused on your “online strategy” right now? Look, I get it. It’s important. But we can’t stress enough that your online has to drive your offline and your offline has to drive your online. You want online to be powerful? Then use it as a tool that enables face-to-face. Remember, 90% of word of mouth happens OFFLINE.

Oh, you’ll have bragging rights if you have 100,000 followers or friends or fans (only SM fanboys will be impressed), but if it doesn’t drive offline, then what is it really good for? Integration is the key. And if you can’t see the difference between the two images, then you’re blind. Which group do you think has the more powerful stories? Which group do you think has stronger emotional connections? It’s one thing to sit at a desk and type – almost a kind of passive participation. But to get up from behind the computer screen, get out of your house and go be a part something – to literally participate shoulder-to-shoulder – that’s powerful.

So, yes, online is important. But offline – that’s where the real stories are created. It’s where they live and breathe because that’s where we live and breathe. Know it. Believe it. And live it.

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