Humanity is Your Greatest Asset

Not that new web app. Not your new social media do-dad. Humanity. And with it all the good and all the bad that comes with it. This is a power to the people world, my friends.

Humans connect with humans. And we all know that nobody’s perfect. So when that customer has a problem and YOU CAN’T FIX IT, but you CAN offer an explanation of why things are the way they are, you’ve made a connection and a potential fan. When you, as a company, admit your mistakes – it shows people that you are not only willing to say, “we screwed up,” but it shows people that you are a company made up of people. People with good days and bad days. People that are capable of making mistakes. People that are doing their best. It opens a dialogue. It shows humanity.

And sometimes it’s all your customers want.

So don’t shy away from the human side of your business. Embrace it. And the use of technology will turn from a “me too” strategy, to a leadership role. Because you’re empowering your people – inside and outside your doors – to look at the world through THEIR lens – not yours.

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