Are you lifting up your customers?

In the Friday pow-wow, Cordell – as he is known to do – captivated the rest of us. And during his talk, he mentioned that when he first started in this business, part of his mission was to lift others up. I’m not talking about getting all religious on you, but I’m sure you can travel down that path if you like.

What a great set of words. It’s our job to find passionate people and lift them up. Hoist up their conversations. Shine a light on their lives. Raise the sails of what they care about and connect them with the companies that care to have a real relationship that transcends a Twitter feed.

Because when you think about lifting someone up, you think about things differently. You are the one that does the lifting. Not them. You are the one that provides the footholds, the rope – whatever it takes. You’re not trying to manipulate them or “get” them to do anything for you. Instead you are enabling them. You’re celebrating them. You become the conduit. And that’s a lot stronger than your social media campaign.

So think about things differently this week. Lift others up. Is it back-breaking work? You bet. Is it worth it? Every. Single. Minute.

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