Social Fresh recap and prezo

It was a great day in Charlotte, NC yesterday as I had the great opportunity to attend and present at the first Social Fresh event. The sold out day was jam-packed with great prezos, but the most interesting to me was to see what David Armano is up to on his new adventure at Dachis Group. I’m not gonna lie – those kids are sharp and I know we’ll be keeping a keen eye on the work they do.

My talk was about the lessons Brains on Fire has learned in our journey’s creating branded ambassador movements. I was at the end of the day and I truly appreciate everyone sticking around. I’m posting my prezo here for those who requested it:

And if you want to to read the whitepaper version of the 10 Lessons Learned, download our ChangeThis Manifesto.

Thanks again to Jason Keath, all the volunteers for the day and all the fantastic folks I was fortunate enough to meet and hang out with.


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