We need your SXSWi vote – Best Buy Mi11 Case Study

So you’ve probably heard that the voting is open for SXSW Interactive 2010. And you’ve also probably heard that there are over 2,000 entries. That’s a lot. A whole lot. And a lot of reading as well.

Allow me to guide you in one direction, if I may.

Do you really want to hear a bunch of consultants talking at you? Do you really want to hear all the things about social media that you already know? Or, do you want to hear how a company – a Fortune 75 company – say, somebody like Best Buy, is integrating social media and REAL people to start an internal – soon to be external – movement for MI. What’s that? Best Buy’s store within a store and their entrance into the world of musical instruments.

That’s right. A case study that combines musicians, Best Buy and guitars, basses, drums and keyboards from brands that you are very familiar with. On stage we will have our own Geno Church, our partner at Best Buy corporate and an employee leader of the Mi11 movement. So you’ll hear it from the guys on the front lines. This isn’t theory, it’s not pontificating, it’s real hands-on “here are our challenges and here’s how we overcame them kind of stuff.”

If you haven’t heard much about Mi11 it’s because it’s launching this month. But by the time SXSW rolls around, we will have a lot more juicy stories to add to the ones we already have, including using cool new tools like BuddyPress as a platform.

So go. Vote. Everyday even. And if you feel so compelled, leave a comment.

You’ve heard about Rage Against the Haze. You know and love the Fiskateers case study. And what’s the next big thing for Brains on Fire? This is it. And we couldn’t be more excited.

Then come hang out in Austin. As a native-Texan, I can vouch for its coolness. Which is off the charts.

And, though we don’t say it often enough, many, many thanks.

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