Brains on Fire's Net Promoter Score – and a Thank You

Last month we reached out to all our clients, partners and friends to ask you all the ultimate question – would you recommend us and why or why not?

Why that question? Well, because we – like Fred Reichheld and the crowd at Satmetrix – believe in the power of word of mouth to propel you or hold you back. It was also an opportunity to do what we preach to our clients – listen. Listen to your kind words, your suggestions for what we can do better. Even your comments about how sucky our survey looked visually. (yeah… we agree. Promise to bring it some Brains on Fire flair next year!)

We’ve been tracking our Net Promoter Score for a few years now, but for the first time we thought we’d share the results. Surprised?  The simple truth is we’re proud of our successes. We’re energized by knowing that our work inspires. And we’re not afraid to admit that we have room for improvement.
This year 70% of the people we reached out to told us that they would enthusiastically recommend us to a friend or colleague (9 or 10 on a scale from 0-10). And 9% said that they were either neutral or definitively less than enthusiastic about doing so (0 to 6). Subtract one from the other and you get our Net Promoter Score – 61%.

The first question everybody wants to know is how does that rate with other companies like us?  Great question. No answers here. Though I will admit that we have a Net Promoter crush on USAA, our heroes of customer service, who have a NPS of almost 90%.  And we’re glad that, yet again, our promoters strongly and significantly outnumbered our detractors – unlike many of USAA’s counterparts in the financial industry. What we can say is our score this year is holding steady from last year, and respresents a small but significant improvement from when we first collected our NPS score a few years ago.

The second question everybody wants to know is why do a Net Promoter Score? You guys are small. Can’t you just call your customers?  We can, and we do – talk to our customers regularly that is. But we value self-awareness. And we recognize that it’s sometimes easier for people to give feedback anonymously than in person.

For that reason we’re not going to post anybody’s comments verbatim here. What we do want to do is thank everyone who took the time to give us feedback. From the person who was inspired by our Haka (but told us we were clearly not performers!) to the one who said we went together with their company like “bangers and mash” (you know who you are – and we love you). From the comments that told us we could come across as arrogant to those who cherish our blog for the fact that it’s “not the same old, rehashed, conventional wisdom.” And to the person who said we were a “darn good lookin’ group,” just know that your comment got the heartiest laugh in the room.

Henry Wadsworh Longfellow  once wrote:
“We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done.”

Thank you for reminding us of the impact of our work and for refueling our passion for changing the world, one movement at a time. We hope to hear from you all again next year – and in between!

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