The "You Don't Need Us Awards," Round 6 – Johnny Cupcakes

Here’s the recap of 1-5: USAA, Arborwear, The New Glarus Brewery, Chick-Fil-A and Patagoina.

Who’s the sixth company that we’ve found that really doesn’t need our services?

That’d be Johnny Cupcakes.

Never heard of Johnny Cupcakes? That’s okay, because he probably doesn’t care. And oh, the company makes t-shirts. That’s it. T-shirts. Not cupcakes.

For the short story, go here. For the longer version, visit the Johnny Cupcakes site here.

Why doesn’t Johnny Cupcakes need us? Several reasons:

1) Johnny knows that if you’re everywhere, accessible to everybody, then nobody will want you. “I thought, People want something that no one else has. If I put my shirts everywhere, they would just be a fad. I wanted something that would last a long time.” So all his products are limited-time only – “The company has introduced 300 designs and retired all but half a dozen. The average price is now $35; some go for as much as $75.”

2) Johnny’s stores (he currently has three) are remarkable. Retro ovens mounted on the wall that open and close and spew steam. Employees “uniforms” that look like bakers garb. Signs in the windows that say “Zero Carbs! Zero Fat! Zero Calories!”

3) Johnny constantly surprises and delights his customers. Like renting out the local cinema in LA and inviting his fans to a screening of “Goonies.” Or taking them on a dinner cruise. Or with new creations like The Cupcake Chronicle. This periodical is a free, monthly mini publication that provides comprehensive coverage of the Johnny Cupcakes brand + lifestyle. Think Johnny Cupcakes meets Highlight’s magazine, but miniature + free. Every month I’ll have updates, games, puzzles, recipes, trivia, product news, contests, event listings + more! Sending out the event listings alone in this way will cut down on us making all those heaps of flyers – reducing waste and saving a bunch of trees while I’m at it!”

So, Johnny Cupcakes, you don’t need us. I mean, you have fans that tattoo your logo on them (over 100 at last count). You have a cult-like following. You consistently over-deliver on your experience and product.

You rock. (And now, I’m hungry from some reason.)

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