Attention, Please.

Has it occurred to anyone else that the vast majority of social media users are all folks/brands/whatever vying – begging, even – for your (and everyone else’s) attention, yet social media has created an ecosystem of very, VERY short attention spans? Not exactly a supply/demand equal, eh?

All these folks – all these brands – saying, “oh yeah, we’re in the social media game.” But it’s them not PAYING attention, but trying to get PAID attention. It’s chronic. And it’s not anything new. But it’s been hyper-intensified in a 140-character world.

The brands (and people) that are “winning” in the SM world are the ones that PAY attention and DON’T CARE about getting PAID attention. I mean, SM by its very nature is a self-centered, egotistical, “look at me” culture. But when you PAY attention and listen, you’re investing. You are giving people what they want. Attention. So if you’re already in the space, or thinking about entering into it – try crafting a strategy that’s based on giving people what they want – not contests. Not free crap. Not unwanted messages and advertisements. But time and attention.

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