Humans 1.0

You and I are humans 1.0. And don’t you ever forget it. You are person. Your employees are people. Your fans and customers are living, breathing, feeling, emotional people. Humans. Flesh and blood. Who laugh and cry and have good days and bad days. Who throw tantrums and learn from their (and your) mistakes.

And you know what? There is no Human 2.0. There’s a Web 1.0 and now a Web 2.0 and probably down the road an 80.0. But the person behind the computer will still be a person. And the second we forget that is the second we begin to fail. Social networks are made up of what? People. Your Twitter followers and those you follow? People. Commentors on your blog post? Active contributors in a community? You get the idea.

The fanstastic thing is that there are fundamental principals of being a human that will never change. One of which is that we are social beings. And we crave interaction. More so face-to-face than online. I really believe that is something that will never change. Because the technology might advance, but us being humans won’t. (And that’s not a bad thing at all.)

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