100% Genuine Replica

While in NYC this week, I had the opportunity meet up with the founder of LOVE146, Rob Morris. And if you didn’t know, we’re huge fans of not only the organization, but of the people who have chosen to join Rob’s tribe. Amazing, amazing people that we are in constant awe of.

As is always true with Rob, there was a lot of compelling conversation over dinner. (The guy asks great questions, BTW.) But what really stuck in my head was the shilling that still goes on in our world. So many of us have a constant flow of knowledge at our fingertips, yet there are still so many that fall for shams because of the way it’s presented to us.

Rob was talking about a trip that took to the Middle East to see some ancient sites. And when he got to some of them, there were signs that what he was seeing was a” one-hundred percent genuine replica.”

Think about that for a second. A genuine replica. A genuine fake. Really, truly not real.

How many times to we see this in the marketing world? Companies saying that they truly want to talk with their fans and customers, only for us to show up and find out that they’re using word of mouth alright, but to push their messages out and not let any messages from you get in. They copy best practices just enough to say to their CMOs that they made a replica of the real thing, but then twist it and leave out, well, the deep relationships. The meaningful dialogue. The feedback loop. It’s a genuine replica.

It’s easy to copy. It’s hard to be original. But when you build something that starts from within your own DNA as a company, then you’re on the road to genuinely original. It doesn’t happen when you copy your competitor or do something because everyone else is doing it. It starts from within.

And maybe that’s your new litmus test.

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